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Women’s Jewelry 2017

Women’s Jewelry 2017.The main difference of fashion accessories – a large size. Massive rings, large necklaces, earrings to his shoulders, bracelets, covering everything wrist. The motto “the more the better” applies to the amount of jewelry. Actual wear multiple rings or bracelets at a time. Large rings with large stones transparent rounded shape, made in the style of “retro”, reminiscent in appearance jewelry of royalty. Latest collars necklace, covering the neck or the entire chest area.womens-jewelry-2017-4 womens-jewelry-2017-1 womens-jewelry-2017-2 womens-jewelry-2017-3Weave, chains, twisted into intricate shapes metal, combination plates – all this looks very advantageous. The collection of Alexander Wang, Hermes presented a fashion this year, polished metal. Relevant fringe of metal thread. The products of Meredith Kahn and others familiar role of the metal -. Be edging stones, transformed into a home.womens-jewelry-2017-8 womens-jewelry-2017-5 womens-jewelry-2017-6 womens-jewelry-2017-7In fashion a massive, three-dimensional decoration with a complex interplay of: beads stacked, layered necklaces.Pearls – a favorite of many designers and beloved rock Coco Chanel, is also included in the collection of the year. The products combine small river and a large sea pearl white and black. Bright natural stones is the best suited to the intricate decorations. Preferred are those that look rough, uneven shape and smoothness without elaborate.

Despite the abundance of massive jewelry, some designers adhere brevity combined with elegant style. For example, fashionable jewelry in 2017 from the famowomens-jewelry-2017-9 womens-jewelry-2017-10 womens-jewelry-2017-11

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