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WOMEN’S COAT 2017.The short coat is a great option for both the spring and autumn. However, in the new season, designers offer to fill up your wardrobe and fur models that perfectly complement the image of the winter.

womens-coat-2017-2 womens-coat-2017-1In today’s article – the current trends in the world’s top clothing and fashion trends of the season. Short coat 2017 presented mini models. This is a way to show designers how far can fashion.
Today in the autumn collections, you can see the ultra-jackets, tops and even shorts.

Coats in the style of “short trench coat” can be found in a new collection of fashion brand Burberry Prorsum. The designer makes the main emphasis on the style of the 30s, the post-war theme. However, at the same time, Christopher Bailey focuses on the details.womens-coat-2017-5 womens-coat-2017-3 womens-coat-2017-4Short coat by Burberry Prorsum have a lot of extras, among which includes elastic belts with bows, as well as pockets and so on. In addition to the Burberry Prorsum collection, you can find a coat with fur trim. The designer has created a special model with a fur collar, are perfect for cold weather. However, Burberry is not the only brand that has made a focus on fur.

Find such a model can be in the new collection by Dolce & Gabbana. Famous brand showed highly unusual multi-layer coat, embroidered with gold thread. Art print looks very elegant, of course, a coat made for special events.womens-coat-2017-9 womens-coat-2017-10 womens-coat-2017-6 womens-coat-2017-7 womens-coat-2017-8However, it is likely that soon we will see you in shopping malls, “variations on a theme.”The coat of faux fur and leather in fashion. Despite the increased popularity of natural materials, many brands have traditionally include their collections only substitutes. For example, the fashion brand Mulberry offers a look at the coat of faux fur and leather. Wearing such a model offers designer paired with bulky scarves.But it is best to highlight the waist with a thin belt.Short coat 2017 presented models with a variety of prints. The most popular this year, enjoys a snake and leopard print, which, we recall, were popular in the past year.What changed? Most colors, rather than the approach. Prints became darker and natural. Find short coat with leopard print can be in the new autumn-winter collection by Ralph Lauren.

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