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WINTER BAGS 2017.Disproportionate lines and original cut – this is what characterizes the last fashion season. The designers have resorted to a variety of stylish tricks to give a touch of uniqueness of each unusual model. Asymmetrical lines can be seen in a variety of garments: one shoulder blouse with original sleeves, asymmetrical hem skirt, collar with unusual proportions, etc.winter-bags-2017-2 winter-bags-2017-1As always, the fur was the guest of honor at most fashion shows. Most often it is used to create fur coats. Very popular among designers colorful fur. Clothing sewn from such multi-colored fur, looks particularly interesting and original. Mainly used colored fur Vera Wang, Fendi, Burberry. Oscar de la Renta and Osman have opted for monochrome. In addition to traditional long coats, they were shown on the catwalk models of medium length, and the ones that looked like a poncho. In addition offered Valentino fur capes, more similar to the bolero. In the collections of Miu Miu and Louis Vuitton were sheepskin slippers and hats with earflaps, while Salvatore Ferragamo, Fendi, Versace, Alexander Wang showed wonderful fur handbag. If you too like fur, but prefer to combine them with other fabrics, it is recommended to pay attention to the collection of Valentin Yudashkin and VFiles, which shows how you can use fur as a stylish insert.winter-bags-2017-5 winter-bags-2017-3 winter-bags-2017-4Another unusual trend – a garment with very long sleeves. Alexander Lewis, Roberto Cavalli, Marc Jacobs, Kenzo and other fashion guru advised to follow this trend. Characteristically, these sleeves are also present on the dress in a dimensionless style. It is difficult to say whether such clothing is comfortable, but there is no doubt that this trend will find its fans.winter-bags-2017-11 winter-bags-2017-7 winter-bags-2017-8 winter-bags-2017-10Grunge style – it is nothing more than a denial of common shapes and proportions of the most incredible combinations. This is the trend that allows women to look the way they want. From this point there is nothing wrong with a woman dressed in ripped jeans or dress with a frayed hem. If you want to put on a magnificent bolero and top long jacket – nothing does not deny! Or maybe you want to wear a denim skirt on backwards? Wonderful! Try all you want, because the grunge style allows the most daring experiments with appearance.


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