VALENTINE’S DAY NAIL DESIGNS 2017.Most women with joy and trepidation waiting for Valentine’s Day! Many think what a manicure complement attention to detail image.
Valentine’s Day – an excellent opportunity to do their own hands and make a stunning manicure on Valentine’s Day, corresponding to the romantic atmosphere of the holiday. Nails Valentine’s Day should look neat and manicure include amaze elements – drawings, designs, rhinestones, various combinations. After all, Valentine’s Day – a celebration, and manicure in this day should be suitably festive.valentines-day-nail-designs-2017-4Main topics manicure on February 14 – the romance and love. Therefore, the most popular motifs for the decoration of nails on February 14 are different combinations of red and pink colors, drawings of hearts and romantic colors. Why red? Red is the color of centuries of passion and love, while pink – quieter variation red symbolizes delicate, touching, which originated almost love.

Simple and fully comfortable jacket will be a great decoration of your nails as Valentine’s Day or any other weekday. Most often performed jacket in white and pink colors, but on Valentine’s Day, you can also experiment with other colors. A great alternative to the classic field jacket can become moon manicure or jacket vice versavalentines-day-nail-designs-2017-1 valentines-day-nail-designs-2017-2 valentines-day-nail-designs-2017-3Perhaps the most convenient option nail decoration for Valentine’s Day is considered a French manicure. But it will certainly need to dilute the additional decor to give manicure additional charm. With the help of some elements can be romantic French manicure?The most “lazy” or occupied can simply cover the nails red or pink paint. Can be done in the same tones manicure with an emphasis in golden (Pink et al.) Or sequins moon manicure.Hearts, polka dots and bows, combined with vivid colors of nail, manicure give February 14 romance. Also, on one or more nails can be figured to register their initials and a loved one or to decorate your nails inscription LOVE.valentines-day-nail-designs-2017-8valentines-day-nail-designs-2017-10 valentines-day-nail-designs-2017-11 valentines-day-nail-designs-2017-12 valentines-day-nail-designs-2017-5 valentines-day-nail-designs-2017-6 valentines-day-nail-designs-2017-7

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