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VALENTINE’S DAY NAIL DESIGNS 2017.Most women with joy and trepidation waiting for Valentine’s Day! Many think what a manicure complement attention to detail image. Valentine’s Day – an excellent opportunity to do their own hands and make a stunning manicure on Valentine’s Day, corresponding to the romantic atmosphere of the holiday. Nails Valentine’s Day should look neat and manicure include ... Read More »

Wedding Nail Design 2017

Wedding Nail Design 2017.Wedding means a lot for all women as it is a fresh new beginning of their life. Whether you plan to have your wedding soon or just dream about it, consider every detail carefully to make each and every moment of this ceremony memorable. Have you choose the theme of the wedding, style of your wedding dress ... Read More »

Matte Nail Art Designs 2017

Matte Nail Art Designs 2017.Everything that we use generally stays popular for a certain period of time. Similar is the case with the fashion industry where things go in and out of fashion. One thing that is affected by this phenomenon in the fashion industry is nail paints. There have been numerous changes as far as nail paints are considered. ... Read More »

Nail Art Trends 2017

Nail Art Trends 2017.Every woman wants to have beautiful and well-groomed hands, but more wants beautiful nails on her hands, with them it highlights the beauty of her hands. Full care nail manicure is called manicure. The word is French and comes from the Latin word “manus“ – hand and” “curare“- care. Manicure is ancient cosmetic procedure. Of course, this ... Read More »

Autumn Nail Ideas

Autumn Nail Ideas .You want to change your nail arts? When a new season begins, it requires new nail art to pair your look. What are you going to paint in this fall? Fall is a beautiful season with the sunshine, the blue sky and the falling leaves. The weather is comfortable and the breeze is soft as well as ... Read More »