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Short Hairstyles for Women 2017

Short Hairstyles for Women 2017.Platinum is a standout shade that’s sure to get you noticed, but what really makes this hairstyle stand out is the edgy undercut that’s softened by some lengthier pieces up top. She adds a hint of layering to her mane, tossing them over to one side for a coy finish.short-hairstyles-for-women-2017-1 short-hairstyles-for-women-2017-2 short-hairstyles-for-women-2017-3 short-hairstyles-for-women-2017-4CreditLayers add a significant amount of bulk and trend to any style, but it’s extra fabulous when placed on a pixie. The layers add to the overall chic appeal of this short haircut, while a light auburn hue creates a warm finish that’s both striking yet sensual.short-hairstyles-for-women-2017-5 short-hairstyles-for-women-2017-6 short-hairstyles-for-women-2017-7 short-hairstyles-for-women-2017-8This look is really lovely for the ladies out there who want to keep a little bit of length while still sporting some short tresses. She sides and back of her mane are buzzed extra-short, making the lengthier locks on top the focal point. Styling them with some subtle wave and volumizing a tinge creates a feminine appearance that softens the face.<a href="http://womens-fashion gratuit cialis.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/Short-Hairstyles-for-Women-2017-9.jpg”>short-hairstyles-for-women-2017-9 short-hairstyles-for-women-2017-10 short-hairstyles-for-women-2017-11 short-hairstyles-for-women-2017-12Want to add some edgy attitude to your pixie? It’s as easy as razoring the ends to perfection. With a deep mahogany hue intertwined through her black roots, it’s a sensuous blend that truly showcases the unique, sharp cut fabulously.Faux hawks don’t have to be all crazy and wild; in fact, they can be dainty and glamorous like you see here. Her faux hawk is a stunner- with tons of choppy layers throughout to create instant volume, as well as loads of hairspray at the crown to ensure that upright stance. A red violet hue is great for fall or winter!short-hairstyles-for-women-2017-13 short-hairstyles-for-women-2017-14CreditThe aforementioned pixie may be a hit for warmer seasons, but this is the ‘IT’ look for summer! That awesome silver platinum shade is as bright as can be, sure to dazzle against the summer sun. But what really makes this pixie stand out is the cool and edgy layers that add some unique dimension, especially around the face. A great choice for rounder faces that need to take the attention off the roundness.

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