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Short Hair Trends 2017

 Short Hair Trends 2017.You think that hair length doesn’t matter when it comes to highlights? Today I will prove that there are special styles for short hair and your hair lengths plays a great role when the thing is about trendy highlights. While coloring short hair with vibrant highlights is the easiest thing, each of us needs to be quite careful. There are endless ideas on how to switch up your hairstyle, so make your choice between these cool hair highlights for short hair. short-hair-trends-2017-4

Copper Highlights for Short Hair

Fiery and eye-catching shades like copper go well with short haircuts. They are an amazing way of updating your short brown or reddish haircut. This style works with blonde mixtures too. One of the greatest things about short cuts is that they can easily become brighter and more feminine with fresh highlights. So, pull off this stunning look.short-hair-trends-2017-5

Blonde Highlights for Short Hair

No matter you have a dark or light base hair color. It can become richer and nicer with subtle blonde highlights. Opt for the slicing technique and achieve this fascinating effect on your short locks. You will lighten and enrich your current hairstyle with multi-tone blonde highlights, which compliment your skin tone. Women who seek for a shinier effect may consider platinum tones.short-hair-trends-2017-1

Brown Highlights for Short Hair

Light brown highlights are ideal for hash and short dark brown hairstyles. They come for help when you want to enhance your hair color and get a tenderer result. This hair color idea is gorgeous especially when you want to make your hairstyle look fuller. You can use brown highlights for black and dark brown hair colors to brighten your shade.short-hair-trends-2017-2

Caramel Highlights for Short Hair

As for caramel highlights they are often seen on long hairstyles placed with ombre or balayage techniques. But if you have short and dark hair and want to liven it up with a sweet and warmer tone of brown then caramel highlights can be beautifully placed all over your locks. They works ideally particularly on the top part, face-framing strands and all over the hair depending on your haircut.short-hair-trends-2017-3

Pastel Highlights for Short Hair

Finally, here are the most gorgeous and exquisite hair highlights for short hair that will take your haircut to the next level. These are the super feminine pastel highlights. If you don’t feel comfy with your short boyish haircut then light pastel highlights are ready to make it as soft as possible. This trick has become very popular among blonde-haired beauties. Short Hair Trends 2017

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