BEST HAIRCUTS FOR WINTER 2017.Speaking of parting this fall exclude from the list of must-have bangs, it will not be relevant. Well, if it is you already have fashion stylists recommend it to pin back with the help of the invisible, as did fashion brand Prada.The hit of the season will be the hairstyle of retro. Latest laying a fleece, ... Read More »

Short Hair Trends 2017

 Short Hair Trends 2017.You think that hair length doesn’t matter when it comes to highlights? Today I will prove that there are special styles for short hair and your hair lengths plays a great role when the thing is about trendy highlights. While coloring short hair with vibrant highlights is the easiest thing, each of us needs to be quite ... Read More »

2017 Winter Hair Color

2017 Winter Hair Color .These days 2017 Winter Hair Color  is one of the most discussed and required topics among women. Everyone does her best to find out the next trendy shade for her blonde, brown, red or extravagant hair color. After a little research, we have found out that the dominant hair color ideas for winter are mostly between ... Read More »


HOTTEST HAIR COLOR 2017.This year’s trendy braids braided hairstyles in different variants.They used the classic forms of weaving – “three strands”, “spike”, “fish tail”, but the spit can be direct, on his side, and braided horsehair tail. Trendy braid around the head and on chёlke. Choosing hairstyles are very large. Fashion braids 2017 – is the flight of imagination and ... Read More »


FASHION SCARVES FALL-WINTER 2016-2017.One of the important elements of expressive female image is a scarf. He is not only refreshing, attracts attention, emphasizes the dress belonging to a particular style, but also gives the normal everyday clothes festive look. In recent years, a direct function of scarves – warm in the cold season – relegated to the background, they are ... Read More »


CHRISTMAS NAIL ART 2017.Even if you will have a stunning dress, gorgeous hair, perfect makeup, the image still will never be complete if you do not have a beautifully executed manicure. New Year’s manicure – a great opportunity to bring to mind all the surrounding men.Fashion Nails on the new 2017 must be selected carefully and thoughtfully, taking into account ... Read More »


VALENTINE’S DAY NAIL DESIGNS 2017.Most women with joy and trepidation waiting for Valentine’s Day! Many think what a manicure complement attention to detail image. Valentine’s Day – an excellent opportunity to do their own hands and make a stunning manicure on Valentine’s Day, corresponding to the romantic atmosphere of the holiday. Nails Valentine’s Day should look neat and manicure include ... Read More »

Wedding Nail Design 2017

Wedding Nail Design 2017.Wedding means a lot for all women as it is a fresh new beginning of their life. Whether you plan to have your wedding soon or just dream about it, consider every detail carefully to make each and every moment of this ceremony memorable. Have you choose the theme of the wedding, style of your wedding dress ... Read More »


FRENCH NAIL DESIGN 2017 TRENDS.Perfect manicure – the finishing touch to any harmonious way. His fashion trends changed in line with trendy outfits. The designers and image-makers each season offers something new, but do not depart from the entrenched and classics. For example, the 2017 emphasis on colorful, simple shapes that is a hybrid of something unusual and at the ... Read More »

Makeup Trends Spring 2017

Makeup Trends Spring 2017. Ladies, spring is here and it’s time to learn makeup trends to follow this season. Seeing the makeup trends yearly on the runway is so amazing. Sometimes the looks are extremely bright and meantto make a great impact while others are too dramatic and it seemsimpossible to wear such makeup. This spring, the bold looks make ... Read More »