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Nail Polish Ideas for 2017

Nail Polish Ideas for 2017.Over the last few years, the meaning of manicures has transformed. Painted nails were once a symbol of grown-up, classic elegance but this is not the case anymore. The market is flooded with bold eyebrow raising colors, beautiful pastel colors, stunning glitter nail polishes and a large variety of nail decorations. Nails have never been so high profile in the world of fashion but this is a time when all fashion savvy women need to pay a lot of heed to nail polish art.nail-polish-ideas-for-2017-3 nail-polish-ideas-for-2017-1 nail-polish-ideas-for-2017-2Decorative manicures will be a major part of the fashion ramps in 2017 and will hence be used to make striking fashion statements. These designs may not be as ambitious or intricate as those of last year but they will surely be pretty and appealing. The key is to make your nails compliment your outfit effortlessly. For 2017 nail polish art, the trend is to keep it simple and yet appealing. Make use of bright or bold base colors with simple designs and patterns to match your ensemble and you are good to go. For 2017 fashion trends, nail polish art does not require the painstaking task of making complex designs and using too many colors and jewels.nail-polish-ideas-for-2017-7 nail-polish-ideas-for-2017-4 nail-polish-ideas-for-2017-5 nail-polish-ideas-for-2017-6Nail art is not only a way of adding a touch of beauty and appeal to your look but also a way to express how you feel. You can paint your nails depending upon your mood and choose your hairstyle and outfit to match your nails. Alternately, you could even paint your nails to match your accessories or shoes. Just make sure you don’t go overboard with the designs and colors.
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