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Make Up Trends 2017 Tips

Make Up Trends 2017 Tips.Keeping your makeup as trendy as your dress on prom night is the best recipe for a glamorous night. Whether you’ve picked out your dress already or are still looking for the perfect outfit, discover a few fantastic Make Up Trends 2017 Tips.make-up-trends-2017-tips-1From bolder trends to the right way to do natural makeup that really draws attention to your features, try these makeup trends for prom 2017 and pick your favorite in advance, so you’ll have time to perfect it for your big night.

Bold Lip

If you’re looking for timeless elegance, you can’t go wrong with a bold lip, along with more neutral makeup. You don’t have to stick to reds if you don’t like them, try anything from mandarin and bright pinks to plum and violet shades. If you’re going with a cool purple inspired by Radiant Orchid, Pantone’s color of the year, stick to reddish shades for warm skin tones.

Metallic Eyes 

One of the best Make Up Trends 2017 Tips, metallic eyeshadows don’t work well with bold lips, but will make your eyes the center of attention. Avoid a strong metallic shade if your dress also has a metallic vibe, because your look might end up too costumey. Soften your silver eyeshadow with a touch of purple eyeshadow for a trendy look.
make-up-trends-2017-tips-3 make-up-trends-2017-tips-2

Shimmery Eyeliner

When it comes to glitter, less is more, so a touch of shimmery eyeliner on your lower eyelids is one of the trendy makeup ideas for  2017. Go for shimmering liner in a lighter shade that your eyeshadow for your lower lashline to really make your eyes pop. Make sure you choose a color that creates contrast without going too far.

Kitten Eye

If you think cat eyes are too much for prom, get a softer look with the kitten eye. Even if you want to go darker and dramatic, keep the wings smaller for a cooler effect. You’ll need a very smooth eyeliner and you don’t have to do it in one stroke. Instead, use smaller strokes to dab it on before finishing your perfect kitten eye look.make-up-trends-2017-tips-5 make-up-trends-2017-tips-6 make-up-trends-2017-tips-7Natural Look With Peach Blush

Start with highlighting primer if you want a natural look for your prom makeup, but don’t say no to peach blush for your cheeks. You can go for a pinkish hue of peach blush, but the key to any look is adding the shimmery highlight first, before your foundation. Complete your look with a touch of mascara and a subtle lip.

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