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LONG SWEATERS WINTER 2017.According to most designers, cardigan – a basic item of women’s wardrobe. But initially cardigan was part of the British Army winter uniforms.But time does not stand still, and today it is an essential thing for every fashionista.long-sweaters-winter-2017-2 long-sweaters-winter-2017-1Cardigan – this jacket buttoned, with no collar. It goes well with many types of women’s clothing. For the first time a cardigan appeared on the catwalks of fashion in the 50s of the last century. It was at this time a simple and unpretentious knitted sweater became a necessary part of the charming female image.
This year, pay special attention to the long, which become one of the main trends of winter!
long-sweaters-winter-2017-5 long-sweaters-winter-2017-3 long-sweaters-winter-2017-4This trend continued up to the present day. Incidentally, it is so simple and light styles, designers are advised cardigans in bright colors and expressive. It can be any of the shades of orange or violet. Such a cardigan can choose a contrasting shirt or blouse. The color scheme of the rest of the models more restrained – is neutral and not very bright shades.

Cardigans noble gray tones or warm beige shades can be combined with both the everyday and with business clothes.In the new season, designers offer a completely different length cardigans made from different materials. In the area of special attention were bulky cardigans made of coarse wool.long-sweaters-winter-2017-9 long-sweaters-winter-2017-6 long-sweaters-winter-2017-7 long-sweaters-winter-2017-8Classical shirt, cardigan and belt on top of it – a perfect combination. Particularly impressive look bulky cardigan angora, mohair and knitwear. Cardigan length to the waist can be worn on a light cocktail or evening dress. This is a great option for a trip to the theater or a romantic date.Conservative blouse with its light-weight knit V neckline also be carried to cardigans.

The fitted silhouette and button closure will be in harmony with skirts and shirts. In the evening, put on a cardigan with lace tops and jeans. Do not forget that the cardigan is badly combined with bright makeup, so try not to impose too much on the face of cosmetics.

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