JEANS FOR WINTER 2017.Leading designers fashion houses this season, put the emphasis on simplicity and brevity, this applies to fashion jeans in 2017.In the new season, designers offer a variety of models of jeans, but the most popular of which are the skinny jeans.These trendy and skinny pipes that accentuate all the beauty of female legs.Undoubtedly, fashion and were flared jeans, especially popular jeans flared from the hip. But wide jeans went to a secondary plan; they can only be seen in the collections of the fashion brand Diesel. jeans-for-winter-2017-1 jeans-for-winter-2017-2 jeans-for-winter-2017-3 jeans-for-winter-2017-4 jeans-for-winter-2017-5 jeans-for-winter-2017-7 jeans-for-winter-2017-13 jeans-for-winter-2017-17If we talk about fashion fit jeans in 2017, it can be any, but the most popular is the average landing.At the height of fashion – cropped jeans blue and bananas. They combine well with any footwear: with ballet flats, high heels, platform sandals.

However, this model of denim trousers do not fit girl with a slight increase, as they visually shorten the leg. Just fashion-designers recommend tucking jeans, for example, in the collections of Gap, Diesel,It is worth noting that all the jeans in 2017 are an important item – a belt, it can be any length and substance.If we talk about the decoration of jeans this season, the designers in their collections use it to a minimum – it is embroidery, applique, etc.

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