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HOTTEST HAIR COLOR 2017.This year’s trendy braids braided hairstyles in different variants.They used the classic forms of weaving – “three strands”, “spike”, “fish tail”, but the spit can be direct, on his side, and braided horsehair tail. Trendy braid around the head and on chёlke. Choosing hairstyles are very large.hottest-hair-color-2017-2 hottest-hair-color-2017-1Fashion braids 2017 – is the flight of imagination and maximum convenience!In preparation for the winter season, do not forget to fill up your wardrobe with fashionable hair accessories. The new autumn-winter 2017 jewelry designers pay special significance for hair, so you and I can see the new fashionable images.hottest-hair-color-2017-6 hottest-hair-color-2017-3 hottest-hair-color-2017-5hottest-hair-color-2017-4 So let’s talk about what accessories are all the rage this winter, as well as fashion accessories, evening hair.A good stylist knows that the success of the fashion image – it’s accessories. In the new season, designers are offering us to go for fashion experiments and try something new. So, this winter become very popular circular knitted bandages, as well as wool. It is very stylish and very warm solution for the winter season. Also in fashion fur hair ornaments. Yes, the fur will be one of the main trends of the new season. It can be fur “ears” or fur headbands, in any case, do not miss the fashion trend of the season!hottest-hair-color-2017-9 hottest-hair-color-2017-10 hottest-hair-color-2017-11 hottest-hair-color-2017-12 hottest-hair-color-2017-7 hottest-hair-color-2017-8What kind of hair accessories to choose for everyday life? For daily use, the designers recommend the use of vintage scallops. This mapping will bring retro style to your image singularity and beauty. Latest wood and metal combs may inlaid stones. Another original hair accessories 2017 steel hoops.

Everyday life is better to choose a simple and concise model, possibly with small bows and flowers. Speaking of the latter, flowers have always been a great decoration for women hair. In the new season accessories of flowers on the top of popularity. For example, in fashion includes volume-gum flowers and flowers with hoops and rims.

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