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Glasses Hairstyle Ideas 2017

Glasses Hairstyle Ideas 2017.Every girl ponders bangs at one point or another. Are they right for us? Will they look right with my face shape? Are they too much maintenance for me? But if you’re a girl who wears glasses then you have another question to ask. Hopefully this article will help answer that question.glasses-hairstyle-ideas-2017-1Bangs and glasses can be adorable, quirky or edgy but it could also look like your entire face is nothing but bangs and frames. Before you get bangs with your glasses consider your face shape, frame shape and what type of bangs you want.glasses-hairstyle-ideas-2017-2glasses-hairstyle-ideas-2017-3 glasses-hairstyle-ideas-2017-4 glasses-hairstyle-ideas-2017-5As a general rule of thumb, if your forehead is disproportionally big relative to the rest of your features then bangs are a good choice to achieve balance. However, that’s just considering not wearing glasses. This is why you need to consider frames.When you are considering bangs with glasses you have to consider the lines of your face. For example, if you have a wide jaw and short face and you got wide glasses and blunt bangs, you’d have two features accenting your wide jaw. So, if the lines of your face are already accenting your best features then get bangs that are similar lines, but if you’re trying to disguise a feature then get frames and bangs that are so bold it draws attention elsewhere.glasses-hairstyle-ideas-2017-7 glasses-hairstyle-ideas-2017-8


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