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Gel Nail Polish

Gel Nail Polish

No matter what the season is, nail is one part that I won’t ignore in daily life. Maybe you will think the winter season is unnecessary at all. But for me, the nail beauty won’t stop its pace due to this inessential factor. In this chilly weather, this gel nail polish becomes my new lover when go on manicuring. And you?

Gel Nail PolishGel Nail Polish

When several friends told me about gel nail polish at first, what the amazing fact is a manicure with gel polish can last two weeks or more, I was so intrigued that I am impatient to try one type of soak off gel polish. What a gorgeous effect! When I wear this look to attend my friend’s birthday party, my nails became eye-catching in no time. They all praised me and showed envy to me. The feeling was so good that I fell in love with this alluring style gradually.

Gel Nail PolishGel Nail PolishGel Nail PolishGel Nail Polish

By the way, when I polish, it don’t need to wait for time to get dry. After manicure, I  can move my fingers and touch other things in a few seconds. That is another reason I love it so deep.

Have you ever heard or tried gel polish? If not, have you fell in love with it the same as me? Anyway, I am waiting for your joining!

Gel Nail PolishGel Nail PolishGel Nail Polish

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