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Gel Nail Polish Trends

Gel Nail Polish Trends is made out of a pre mixed polymer and monomer gel. There are two types of gel nail polish. The most common type of gel nail polish is painted on the nail with a brush and cured under a UV light for 30 seconds. Two coats are usually applied followed by 30 seconds of drying under a UV light after each coat. The other type of gel nail polish does not require a UV light. Instead, this type of polish can be cured by brushing or spraying a special gel activator or dipping in water. Gel nail polish comes in different colors and some types can be mixed together to make new colors.

Gel Nail Polish Trends

Gel nail polish is used to both paint the nails and extend them. When it is used to extend the length, a tip is glued to the nail. Once the tip is attached to the nail, the gel is painted along the length of the nail. Then nail is cured under the UV light. This strengthens the natural nail and allows it to grow.

The main benefit of gel nail polish is the fast drying time. Since it dries very fast under the UV light, the nails do not get smudged or damaged. This type of nail polish does not have the same acid as the normal nail polish. Therefore it is healthier, natural and gives a better, smoother finish than normal nail polish. Normal nail polish only lasts a few days and tend to peel off, get damaged and chipped. Gel nail polish lasts much longer for around two weeks.

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Gel nail polish is odorless unlike normal nail polish. It requires little or no buffing. Therefore this type of nail polish is ideal for people who dislike the odor of normal nail polish or buffing. Even though it has many benefits; if it is not applied in thin coats or cured properly there can be problems.

Gel nail polish can be professionally removed or removed at home. Removing it can take much longer than removing normal nail polish. Each nail has to be wrapped in cotton, soaked in acetone polish remover and covered with aluminum foil for approximately ten to fifteen minutes in order to remove polish. Even after this removal process the polish often has to be filed off to completely remove it from the nail.

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Since it involves a UV light, gel nail polish manicures cannot be done at home. They cost more than normal manicures since they have to be done professionally. Purchasing gel nail polish costs more even though they do not last as long as normal nail polish. However gel nail polish is still not popular as normal nail polish.

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