FRENCH NAIL DESIGN 2017 TRENDS.Perfect manicure – the finishing touch to any harmonious way. His fashion trends changed in line with trendy outfits. The designers and image-makers each season offers something new, but do not depart from the entrenched and classics. For example, the 2017 emphasis on colorful, simple shapes that is a hybrid of something unusual and at the same time traditional.french-nail-design-2017-trends-2 french-nail-design-2017-trends-1Abstract structure having a three-dimensional volume, – an offshoot of the popular nail art. It is created in different ways, so is divided into many subspecies. The most common are considered to be eye-popping protruding decorations: pasted giant stars, weightless colorful feathers, gold-plated plate.french-nail-design-2017-trends-5 french-nail-design-2017-trends-3 french-nail-design-2017-trends-4Also colored lacquer spray allowed to carelessly applied across the surface of the nail. Thus, for the imagination in 2017 completely open space. It remains only to take advantage of incredible riot of colors, design or operating time to come up with something of their own, emphasizing individuality.A peculiar modification of the French manicure, a recognized classic, finds new experimental forms. In the spring-summer season stylists urged to move away from the canons and to work with the palette and textures within a given concept.french-nail-design-2017-trends-6 french-nail-design-2017-trends-7 french-nail-design-2017-trends-8 french-nail-design-2017-trends-9 french-nail-design-2017-trends-10For example, you can connect with French manicure moon, filling them with a contrasting juxtaposition. As an option to decorate a composition gradient, if not give the image overall grunge plaque. The latter is carried out very simply: it is enough to represent the base of a crescent with a metallic effect, and the basis to do glaringly bright.


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