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Fall/Winter 2016-2017 Sweater Trends

Fall/Winter 2016-2017 Sweater Trends.Fall is approaching. It is getting colder and colder. Sweaters are must-have staples for the wardrobe of fall. There are various sweaters put in the wardrobe. How to pair it and make a pretty look for fall? Sometimes you may just go with simple sweaters for your daily look, but you don’t know how stylish an outfit is with another staple, a shirt. You have no idea? Don’t worry. You will find ideas in today’s post.fallwinter-2016-2017-sweater-trends-1 fallwinter-2016-2017-sweater-trends-2 fallwinter-2016-2017-sweater-trends-3 fallwinter-2016-2017-sweater-trends-4In the post, you will find that sweaters go very well with shirts. First, you should decide what style you are going to take and then choose your sweater and shirt. If you want an edgy office look, you can choose a short sweater and a shirt, but don’t forget to add a sweater necklace to pop up the look; if you want a casual look, you can pull out your cute sweater and a denim shirt for going out.More sweater and shirt outfit ideas can be found in the following post. Check them out and learn some pairing skills.fallwinter-2016-2017-sweater-trends-5 fallwinter-2016-2017-sweater-trends-6 fallwinter-2016-2017-sweater-trends-7 fallwinter-2016-2017-sweater-trends-8 fallwinter-2016-2017-sweater-trends-9 fallwinter-2016-2017-sweater-trends-10 fallwinter-2016-2017-sweater-trends-11 fallwinter-2016-2017-sweater-trends-12 fallwinter-2016-2017-sweater-trends-13 fallwinter-2016-2017-sweater-trends-14 fallwinter-2016-2017-sweater-trends-15 fallwinter-2016-2017-sweater-trends-16 fallwinter-2016-2017-sweater-trends-17 fallwinter-2016-2017-sweater-trends-18 fallwinter-2016-2017-sweater-trends-19

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