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Eye Makeup Trends 2016

Eye Makeup Trends 2016

This will need some false feather lashes which you can buy from high end makeup stores or online. Other than that, colors needed for this look are glitter purple, matte magenta and a blue liner for the lower rim. A broad and long winged lining will add the finishing touch.

15. A Simple Day Time Light Smoky Eye Makeup Look:

 Eye Makeup Trends 2016



You can call this as a muted candy eye look because you will be playing with tasty candy colors here like magenta, yellow, a little mauve and some purple. Add some glitters for the finishing touch.

16. Fluttering Day Eye Makeup Look:

 Eye Makeup Trends 2016



This is another gorgeous eye makeup look which you can easily try out with hues of shimmer green, moss green and a bit of purple at the rear end.

14. Hot Carnival Look:

 Eye Makeup Trends 2016

Easy to recreate, try this eye makeup look if you have the colors as visible viz. Glitter pink, Glitter silver and glitter blue.

18. Bold Blue Eyes:

 Eye Makeup Trends 2016

This can be great for a day time eye makeup look. Try this one out if you have the right shade of blue.

19. The Ariel Look:

A little glitter purple and dark hues of glitter aqua green will be the ultimate colors for this eye makeup look. Along with it, give it a smoky tinge with some black or charcoal eye shadow and some silver.

 Eye Makeup Trends 2016

20. Shimmer Smoky Gold Eye Makeup:

 Eye Makeup Trends 2016

Here’s a gorgeous look which you can try out for your parties. This look will catch a lot of eyes in the party for sure. Try it out.

If you are planning on doing something bold for your lips, then keep your eye makeup as simple as possible. Try out this smoky blue eye makeup look.

22. Silvery Glittery Eye Makeup:

 Eye Makeup Trends 2016

Here’s an easy-to-do eye makeup look with just a handful of glitter eye shadow in light mauve or golden and silver hue. Finish off with a bold lining and lots of mascara. Watch this easy eye makeup tutorial girl!

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