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CHRISTMAS NAIL ART 2017.Even if you will have a stunning dress, gorgeous hair, perfect makeup, the image still will never be complete if you do not have a beautifully executed manicure. New Year’s manicure – a great opportunity to bring to mind all the surrounding men.Fashion Nails on the new 2017 must be selected carefully and thoughtfully, taking into account all the details of the image: hair color, make-up, dress, shoes, and accessories.christmas-nail-art-2017-4 christmas-nail-art-2017-1 christmas-nail-art-2017-2 christmas-nail-art-2017-3In this festive New Year’s Eve is allowed to present a riot of colors, the wildness of ideas, a flight of fancy. Express your creativity and embody our plans! Many women in the winter is not enough sunlight, so for your holiday manicure they choose bright colors. The rest of the women prefer nude style.It is also worth mentioning that some women emphasize a festive night not on the nails. For them, the perfect manicure – this is the base when the cuticle and nails are put in order, and manicured hands and soft. For this purpose, does not necessarily apply to the master, after all, with the necessary tools, all operations can be performed at home.christmas-nail-art-2017-12 christmas-nail-art-2017-5 christmas-nail-art-2017-6 christmas-nail-art-2017-7 christmas-nail-art-2017-8 christmas-nail-art-2017-9 christmas-nail-art-2017-10 christmas-nail-art-2017-11Moreover, the assurances of men, neatly trimmed nails, painted in pastel gentle tones, presenting them with only positive experiences, as opposed to the huge nails screaming figure.However, it is only up to you! Your nails – a kind of canvas on which you can draw everything that heart desires. Just do not forget that gaudy nail polish, which is so often found on the nails of girls and women, can spoil the whole image. If you will be sorry for the effort, it is best to consult a professional.

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