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WEDDING FASHION TRENDS 2017.It’s time to talk about weddings! In this Polyvore sets collection I decided to share with you wedding fashion trends you all can try next 2017. No matter if you are getting married soon, or your best friend is going to marry, there will always be awesome outfit ideas you can copy in order to look at ... Read More »


CASUAL COCKTAIL STYLE FOR WOMEN 2017.In this post we are about to see the best casual cocktail style outfits to try this year. You are going to be wowed and pleasantly surprised by variety of Polyvore fashion sets. Before we start looking through various ideas and tips that will help us to create your lovely casual party look, I wanted ... Read More »


WOMEN’S SUNGLASSES FOR SUMMER 2017.Every girl, lady and woman loves sunglasses. Why? They make you look sexy, update your style and keep the sun rays away. Today I want you to have a look at some of the best women hipster sunglasses to wear this summer 2017 season. Thanks to Free People we have a great choice of cool sunglasses, ... Read More »

Fashion Women’s Winter Boots for 2017

Fashion Women’s Winter Boots for 2017.At a choice of women’s boots for winter of 2017 designers advise to pay attention to a heel of an unusual form: it has to be executed from the most various and fascinating coloring and forms. For this reason in the current season the huge number of variations of a classical hairpin is presented. For ... Read More »

Fashion Color Trends Spring-Summer 2017

Fashion Color Trends Spring-Summer 2017.Fashionable reviews 2017 hint that the palette in a season will be under construction spring-fall again round the cool blue and warm pink. Foreign observers even counted 5 families of actual shades, but such meticulousness seems excessive. Even without additional classification it is clear, what color fashionable in 2017. It: Gentle shades of the pink are ... Read More »

Womens Handbags Trends Spring 2017

 Womens Handbags Trends Spring 2017.The handbag is an obligatory accessory of each modern woman of fashion. In them women keep many secrets … Eminent psychologists consider that appearance of a bag will tell a lot of things about the owner. Therefore it is necessary to approach selection of this irreplaceable accessory with big care. What bags will be fashionable in ... Read More »

Fashion Colors for Women’s fall/winter 2016/17

 Fashion Colors for Women’s fallwinter 2016/17.Fashionable colors of an fall and winter season 2016-2017 differ in neutrality though the palette turned out very rich. Any gender differences, distribution on age or the status – the fashion becomes really democratic! Riverside color (coastal strip) Riverside color – the absolute favourite of an fall and winter season. It is literally translated as “A coastal ... Read More »

Fashion Handbags Winter 2017

Fashion Handbags Winter 2017 .For the woman the fashionable handbag is separate and very personal space. It as the small world which internal maintenance keeps the secrets and secrets inaccessible to everyone. But the external cover is opened for all therefore it has to be the most attractive and, of course, fashionable. To help you to pick up to itself new ... Read More »


FUR COAT WINTER 2017.Fashion outerwear 2017 present original fur coats, and designers are not shy to translate into reality the most daring fruits of your imagination. Just imagine, in a fashion coats of orange, purple, pink and others. Color bright color palette. Incredibly, the new fashion season promises to be bright. However, the world’s fashion designers do not forget about ... Read More »

Wedding Hairstyle 2017

Wedding Hairstyle 2017.We’re back with more adorable wedding hairstyle tutorials from Hair Romance! This time they’ve brought us more styles for curly-haired ladies and long-haired goddesses, and even flawless looks for the gym. To get the full scoop on these overly cute wedding hairstyle tutorials, click on the links for some easy-to-follow steps! Enjoy these inspiring braids and gorgeous looks ... Read More »