2017 Summer Fashion Trends

2017 Summer Fashion Trends.When choosing summer image you should first of all choose garments that are comfortable. In order to feel comfortable and confident on hot weather you should choose pieces made of lightweight and natural fabrics. Too short or too bold décolleté doesn’t mean comfortable; you may have discomfort wearing tight clothing so think twice when upgrading your summer ... Read More »


CASUAL COCKTAIL STYLE FOR WOMEN 2017.In this post we are about to see the best casual cocktail style outfits to try this year. You are going to be wowed and pleasantly surprised by variety of Polyvore fashion sets. Before we start looking through various ideas and tips that will help us to create your lovely casual party look, I wanted ... Read More »

Fashion Colors for Women’s fall/winter 2016/17

 Fashion Colors for Women’s fallwinter 2016/17.Fashionable colors of an fall and winter season 2016-2017 differ in neutrality though the palette turned out very rich. Any gender differences, distribution on age or the status – the fashion becomes really democratic! Riverside color (coastal strip) Riverside color – the absolute favourite of an fall and winter season. It is literally translated as “A coastal ... Read More »

Stylish Winter Outfits 2016/2017

 Stylish Winter Outfits 2016/2017.Whenever it comes to the winter season, all of the girls get much excited because it is this season where they find options to make theirselves stylish ! We have also been sharing the pictures of these.As you can well see in these amazing shots and pictures that you can come up with long coats, short in ... Read More »


LONG SWEATERS WINTER 2017.According to most designers, cardigan – a basic item of women’s wardrobe. But initially cardigan was part of the British Army winter uniforms.But time does not stand still, and today it is an essential thing for every fashionista. Cardigan – this jacket buttoned, with no collar. It goes well with many types of women’s clothing. For the ... Read More »


FASHION SKIRT SPRING-SUMMER 2017.In 2017, again in fashion are skirts, they are so varied, they can be worn every day and in any occasion. 1. Skirts with high waist  – the most elegant trend in spring – summer 2017th. High waist skirts are not only able to visually extending the legs and expression of hips, but also this skirt is ... Read More »

Outfit Ideas for Winter 2017

Outfit Ideas for Winter 2017.Even if you have already owned a wardrobe of clothes, you still don’t know what to wear for a certain occasion. You may find it difficult for you to make a right combination with the ready outfits in your wardrobe. Everybody has his or her own style and preference, when you are making an all over ... Read More »



STYLISH OUTFITS 2015 Denim is the material that almost never goes out of fashion. In the wardrobe of every woman are at least a few pieces of this material. Some want it denim because feel comfortable in it and other because of its easy maintenance and combining. Denim dresses, jeans, shirts, shorts, because of its durability will be able to ... Read More »