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Hairstyles 2017

Ombre Hair Ideas for 2017

Ombre Hair Ideas for 2017.Brown is a neutral and natural hair color that flatters almost all skin tones. Apart from this brown creates fantastic combinations with other shades such as blonde, red or whatever you want. For creating an eye-popping look you may blend it with pastel shades. The length is not important since it works well with all lengths. ... Read More »

2017 Hair Colors

2017 Hair Colors.Women’s undercuts are real examples of style statement. This is how women steal men’s haircuts make them not only feminine but also trendy. These days we are not surpassed by the tendency of wearing short, medium or long undercut hairstyles. They have become thetrendiest edgy hairstyles in the fashion world. But one thing is important to consider after ... Read More »

Short Hairstyles for Women 2017

Short Hairstyles for Women 2017.Platinum is a standout shade that’s sure to get you noticed, but what really makes this hairstyle stand out is the edgy undercut that’s softened by some lengthier pieces up top. She adds a hint of layering to her mane, tossing them over to one side for a coy finish. CreditLayers add a significant amount of ... Read More »

Ponytail Hairstyles for 2017

Ponytail Hairstyles for 2017.One of the most common hair questions is “is wearing a ponytail everyday bad for your hair?” and unfortunately this isn’t one of those hair myths created by old wives tales. Wearing your hair in a ponytail everyday or every night can weaken your hair and prevent growth. Unless you are wearing your ponytail loose everyday then ... Read More »

Glasses Hairstyle Ideas 2017

Glasses Hairstyle Ideas 2017.Every girl ponders bangs at one point or another. Are they right for us? Will they look right with my face shape? Are they too much maintenance for me? But if you’re a girl who wears glasses then you have another question to ask. Hopefully this article will help answer that question.Bangs and glasses can be adorable, ... Read More »

Wedding Hairstyle Ideas 2017

Wedding Hairstyle Ideas 2017

Wedding Hairstyle Ideas 2017.A lot of curly hairstyles for wedding days still involve lots of heat and changing the very essence of your curly hair. We wanted to show off a few wedding day hairstyles that allow you to embrace your curls but still tame them for the long activities of your wedding day. Especially if you’re getting married on ... Read More »


2017 BALAYAGE HAIR COLOR TREND.Fashion for hair color from year to year changes. Modern hair color for 2017 is Balayage. This hair color can’t leave indifferent any fashionable woman, especially those who love the natural hair color. When coloring hair, hairdressers have freedom of movement and they can add color where they think it should be put, in other words ... Read More »


BRAIDED HAIRSTYLES 2017.Hairstyles with braided hair come in the contemporary world of antiquity, since from then they have made many changes and improvements. To the women of ancient times, long hair bother them in eyes and with long hair were warm. To escape from these things they did braided long hair.Braids are back in fashion for women of different ages. ... Read More »