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Fashion Trends 2017

2017 Summer Fashion Trends

2017 Summer Fashion Trends.When choosing summer image you should first of all choose garments that are comfortable. In order to feel comfortable and confident on hot weather you should choose pieces made of lightweight and natural fabrics. Too short or too bold décolleté doesn’t mean comfortable; you may have discomfort wearing tight clothing so think twice when upgrading your summer ... Read More »


JEANS FOR SUMMER 2017.This time we are going to talk about 2017 Summer jeans every woman should own in her closet. This is not just another post for true denim fans, I gathered my favorite outfit ideas featuring denim bottoms in different shapes and styles. There are plenty of interesting and trendy Polyvore sets every lady should try, starting from ... Read More »

Summer Skinny Jeans 2017

Summer Skinny Jeans 2017.Skinn Jeans for summers is a collection for fresh, Blinza summer jeans while this collection of jeans was showcased by well known and famous models who were wearing premium quality jeans. Apart from that collection, Blinza also offers jeans collection of summer for all seasons. Nowadays, just about everybody has a pair of skinnies hanging in their ... Read More »

Short Pixie Haircuts 2017

Short Pixie Haircuts 2017.Among the most versatile ideas that open to different interpretations always in step with the most popular trends of the moment the pixie cut is proposed the cuts more interesting and can be adapted in modular version of a haircut minimal chic symbol of grace and elegance playing with slight scaling and a fringe just mentioned to ... Read More »

New Hairstyles Trends 2017

New Hairstyles Trends 2017.Break out your flat iron—straight, shiny, and center-parted hair is one of the biggest trends for 2017. But this style only works if your hair looks healthy—not fried. Be sure to mist a heat protectant through your hair before touching it with a straightener. In some lighting it’s blonde. In others it’s golden brown. This transformative hair color ... Read More »

Best Hair Colors Summer 2017

Best Hair Colors Summer 2017.The first thing that you need to do to find the right hair color for you is to decide how long you want the coloring to last. If you just want to add a punch of color to your hair for a party, a special occasion or just to suite a mood then you will want ... Read More »

Spring/Summer Hair Color Trends 2017

Spring/Summer Hair Color Trends 2017.Here the complete point of interest of Spring Summer Hair Color Trends 2017 will be examine here as the greater part of the young ladies are very much aware from one thing that is utilizing hair shading could bring about the amount of mischief to your hair and their fortifying power yet at the same time each ... Read More »


 MATTE NAIL POLISH 2017.Before you make a matte nail polish, nails should be given a form to align the length using the nail file. Cuticle clippers or special cut or removed with a special tool. If it is sufficientlywell-groomed, then simply push the pusher or orange stick. It is noteworthy that the same technology can be made matte jacket. However, ... Read More »


CASUAL COCKTAIL STYLE FOR WOMEN 2017.In this post we are about to see the best casual cocktail style outfits to try this year. You are going to be wowed and pleasantly surprised by variety of Polyvore fashion sets. Before we start looking through various ideas and tips that will help us to create your lovely casual party look, I wanted ... Read More »


WOMEN’S SUNGLASSES FOR SUMMER 2017.Every girl, lady and woman loves sunglasses. Why? They make you look sexy, update your style and keep the sun rays away. Today I want you to have a look at some of the best women hipster sunglasses to wear this summer 2017 season. Thanks to Free People we have a great choice of cool sunglasses, ... Read More »