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Blue Nails for 2017

Blue Nails for 2017.Today’s post will offer you some nail art ideas to welcome the new season. It will show pretty nail arts in color blue. Blue is one of popular colors for the season. Prepare blue polishes and paint your beautiful nail art right now.blue-nails-for-2017-1 blue-nails-for-2017-2There are pretty good ideas for you to have blue nails. From light blue nails to deep blue nails, you will find ways to use your blue polishes. When mentioning about the color blue, you may come up with the clear sky and the beautiful ocean. Why not use your blue polishes to make a sky themed nail art or a ocean themed nail art?More nail art ideas can be found in the post. Get inspired and make a pretty manicure.blue-nails-for-2017-3 blue-nails-for-2017-4 blue-nails-for-2017-5 blue-nails-for-2017-6 blue-nails-for-2017-7 blue-nails-for-2017-8 blue-nails-for-2017-9 blue-nails-for-2017-10 blue-nails-for-2017-11 blue-nails-for-2017-12 blue-nails-for-2017-13 blue-nails-for-2017-14 blue-nails-for-2017-15

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