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 BEST HAIRCUTS FOR WINTER 2017.Speaking of parting this fall exclude from the list of must-have bangs, it will not be relevant. Well, if it is you already have fashion stylists recommend it to pin back with the help of the invisible, as did fashion brand Prada.best-haircuts-for-winter-2017-2The hit of the season will be the hairstyle of retro. Latest laying a fleece, like Nina Ricci, and updo style rockabilly (Max Mara).Particular attention should be paid to the tail hair. In essence hair tail it is very simple and easy to implement, making it the most popular to date. Fashionable hair tail welcome in different versions: at the top at the very top, or vice versa, at the very bottom.
The main thing is to look like a tail can be more natural and elegant. Please add a feminine hairstyle, you can wrap or ribbons (Valentino, Lela Rose).best-haircuts-for-winter-2017-6 best-haircuts-for-winter-2017-3 best-haircuts-for-winter-2017-4Another original hairstyle new season will be the beam. This hairstyle is familiar to us from the past seasons; this fall beam becomes even more popular. Such fashion brands like Chanel, Sonia Rykiel, Dolce & Gabbana use a fashionable hairstyle beam as a complement bo th everyday and for the evening’s image.best-haircuts-for-winter-2017-5And finally, do not forget to decorate their hair with exquisite accessories; they are able to give a flavor of even the simplest hair!Hairstyle side pigtails are familiar to us from childhood. This original styling is probably the most practical of all. On the creation side braids it will take a maximum of 15-20 minutes, and the result is not long to wait.best-haircuts-for-winter-2017-9 best-haircuts-for-winter-2017-10 best-haircuts-for-winter-2017-11 best-haircuts-for-winter-2017-12 best-haircuts-for-winter-2017-13 best-haircuts-for-winter-2017-14 best-haircuts-for-winter-2017-15 best-haircuts-for-winter-2017-16


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