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2017 Nails Trends

2017 Nails Trends.We love 2017 trendy nails ideas because they mix natural beauty, glamorous fashion and individuality for every woman. These seasons give us great opportunities to look great every day, as our hands are one of most visible part of body and is a magnificent point for eyes. Choose your style and we have some images below for your inspiration! Natural beauty is a great trend for ages, but these seasons we meet new ideas for it. 2017 Nails Trends 2017 Nails Trends 2017 Nails Trends 2017 Nails TrendsUse pastel colors, add glitters and rhinestones to make soft and feminine looks. However, any way you can wear not only natural nails with this trend, but made in salon too.We love seductive styles for clothes and shoes and happy to see this glamorous ideas for nails. Red colors (from classic to deep cherry), flower designs, bright décor – all these tips add a feminine touch to any look and for every woman.

Embellished nails are another huge trend to take note of for 2017. Gone are the days when nails were just a simple block of color – nail pros nowadays know that there can be a lot more artistry involved. Hit up a trendy nail salon to find increasingly elaborate embellishments and appliqué stickers that will take your nail game up to a whole new level.2017 Nails Trends 2017 Nails Trends 2017 Nails Trends 2017 Nails Trends 2017 Nails Trends 2017 Nails Trends 2017 Nails TrendsGold foil, crystals, pearl and metallic embellishment stickers will add a unique and customized edge to your nail look. Just select a great base color first and coordinate with the embellishments you want to add on top. You can apply a clear/transparent nail finish to the top to hold everything firmly in place. If you’re artistic and want to add a personalized message or design, you can even embellish the look with a nail lacquer pen in a contrasting color yourself.

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