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2017 FASHION COLORS.Every woman who follows fashion wonders which colors will be fashionable in 2017? In fashion gradually come more calm and restrained dark tones. But, among new collections can be seen and clothes in bright colors.

1. Most popular color for 2017 will be dark green. Many designers chooses different shades of green in selection of solutions for their collections. Emerald green, blue, green, every girl can choose a shade of green that like it.2017-fashion-colors-3 2017-fashion-colors-4 2017-fashion-colors-1 2017-fashion-colors-22. Fashion color in 2017 will be marsala, it will help you to highlight your romance and femininity. Besides marsala, in fashion are and all shades of red color from bright red to dark red wine.2017-fashion-colors-1 2017-fashion-colors-2 2017-fashion-colors-3 2017-fashion-colors-4

3. In trend will be blue, especially indigo and light shades of purple orchid.2017-fashion-colors-6 2017-fashion-colors-7 2017-fashion-colors-5

4. White colors is always in fashion. White things look clean, robust and festive. This year will be particularly trendy white jackets, coats.2017-fashion-colors-3 2017-fashion-colors-4 2017-fashion-colors-5

5. Black has the leading position in the next season. Black is considered quite practical and gives clothes greater practicality, elegance, which further emphasizes the subtlety of the waist and helps to hide some flaws in the figure.2017-fashion-colors-6 2017-fashion-colors-1 2017-fashion-colors-2


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