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10 WINTER DRESSES 2017.Winter dresses 2017 are presented in the style of the strict models of “hourglass” and the princess. These dresses look very stylish and at the same time they will be remembered around its unusual execution. Dresses with high collar and long to the knee can be found in the collection of fashion brand Fendi. The well-known label makes the emphasis on the waistline, underlining it with a thin strap. Dresses with fur trim can be found in the new collection of Oscar de la Renta.10-winter-dresses-2017-3 10-winter-dresses-2017-1 10-winter-dresses-2017-2Famous fashion designers use fur as trim to the collar and sleeves. The same trend supports the fashion brand Gucci. Winter dresses 2017 is also lightweight models made of chiffon, and silk ogranzy. Despite the fact that in front of us waiting for the winter season, many designers offer to wear light dresses.   10-winter-dresses-2017-9According to many designers, this trend is able to create a very feminine look. From what to wear? Wearing dress of flowing materials are best paired with fur coats and warm sheepskin coats. And additional game of contrasts create even more unusual way. Classic knitted dresses in vogue. Most designers presented dresses with bulk viscous. This means that in the English fashion design, as well as the major binding in fashion again.

Trendy materials: angora, mohair, wool. Another trend of the winter season can be called prints. Dress with leopard print is still at the top of popularity. The mod also model with geometric prints:. Cell, strip, etc. But fashion brand D & G offers to pay attention to dress with print in the form of letters and numbers.10-winter-dresses-2017-9 10-winter-dresses-2017-4 10-winter-dresses-2017-5 10-winter-dresses-2017-6 10-winter-dresses-2017-7 10-winter-dresses-2017-8

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